Bird Locket Necklace - Bird Letter Locket - Engraved Locket - 1910s Locket - Gold Filled Locket - Wedding Locket

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Beautiful bird locket with beautiful l
design. Locket features an engraved birds flying over a fence and some foliage carrying a letter in his beak. Fabulous detailing. Back has the name "Janet" engraved. There are four paste stones on the front, some are much darker than others. Inside both frames and acetate are present. There is also an old photo inside. Locket comes on a newer dainty gold filled 18 inch chain. Chain is brighter gold than locket.

Age: Approx 1910's

Condition: Good vintage condition - opens and shuts securely. There is a fair bit of light scratching to both front and back and could use a good cleaning. Design is very clear and not faded.

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Antique lockets are special treasures. I love that they come with a little bit of history and you can imagine the life they have lived before you own them. It's getting more and more rare to find these special statement pieces.