Vintage Paris Jewelry transports you to another place and time with vintage and antique jewelry created between 1800s-1990s.  Pieces are crafted from semi-precious and precious stones in a variety of precious metals.

Vintage Paris Jewelry also has a line of handmade jewelry inspired by and infused with vintage components made from semi-precious and precious stones in carat gold, gold filled and sterling silver.

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Vintage Paris Jewelry British Vogue
Vintage Paris Jewelry - British Vogue May IssueVintage Paris Jewelry British Vogue
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How it all began...

Hi! I’m Michelle, the owner of Vintage Paris Jewelry and I have been a jewelry collector ever since I was a little girl. This is a passion that started early and I would collect shells and small treasures on every beach trip we took.  I also would frequent gem shows and rock fairs. That passion has continued and I adore finding new homes for vintage and antique jewelry I source in my travels that will hopefully be cherished by new owners for years to come. Sometimes, that means taking a piece of vintage or antique jewelry and giving it new life by turning it into something different, but often it just means cleaning and testing vintage items and finding them happy new homes.

I am always searching for unique, rare pieces of jewelry and accessories. Discover our personally-curated vintage, and antique and handmade jewelry collections here!